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Please bring an interpreter or your friend who can speak
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Medical treatment is a cooperative effort between the provider and the patient, so we wish to create an environment where patients participate in the process with an understanding of necessary information, and always seek to provide cosmetic medical services that are safe and improve the lives of all our patients and their individual needs. We work as a team and give all our efforts to make this possible.

The Safest Equipment and Medicine


All our equipment and medicine is used with the utmost care only after careful selection thorough investigation by the medical office. In order to give our patients the best possible results, we use the safest possible equipment and medicine that will keep patient pain and difficulty to a minimum.

Complete Hygienic Control


All our instruments and medicine are used under strict hygienic control including sterilization and disinfection. Cleaning and inspections are carried out daily and this management ensures that you can undergo an operation with peace of mind.

Patient Safety First


Operations are performed under a medical safety management system founded in the solid experience of all our doctors. All equipment and medicine is approved as below, and maintenance and quality control are performed meticulously, so there are no loose ends in our safety mechanism.

FDA … The United States Food and Drug Administration
(Approves medical goods. FDA approval is said to be worldwide approval.)
CE mark … European safety standard (A mark showing that a product conforms to safety standards established by the EU.)
ISO13485 … An international standard for medical equipment quality.
ISO9001 … An international standard for quality control management.

A New Medical Environment


We receive a large number of patients and many of them come because of recommendations from other patients. Because of this, our number of cases is high for the industry and so we are among the first to receive information on new equipment and medicine from makers. This means we can review and obtain top-of-the-line equipment and medicine.

Satisfactory Rates

Because we receive so many patients, we are able to buy excellent medical equipment and medicine in bulk, keeping costs low and ensuring that we can work at rates that will make patients happy.

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Service You Can Trust: Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery

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