We are regretted to say that we are providing our service only in Japanese. We thank you for your kind understanding. If you are not Japanese-speaking patient, please bring an interpreter or your friend who speaks Japanese with you. If you would like to make an appointment with us, please ask your interpreter or friend to make an appointment by the phone, or please use the form (available in Japanese) on our homepage.
※There is menu not to be able to accept partly.(Dermatological laser and others)

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Even fees for anesthesia are clearly stated.

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Age 41 Patient testimonial

  • Rejuvenation Premium Princess Lift
  • V Aptos (V-Shaped Feather Lift)
    Hyaluronan Petit wrinkle removal injections (Nose to mouth lines)


Age 34 Patient testimonial

  • Premium Breast Enhancement
    Cinderella (Perthese) Implants
    Each side: 220cc
    Epicanthal fold correction
    Rhinoplasty, Roundness correction (Nose tip)


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At the end of this enchantingly-lit hallway is reception
The waiting room feels like a fashionable café.
Reception has a calm and refined air.
Patient privacy is protected at reception.
Enjoy our tranquil makeup room.

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