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Please bring an interpreter or your friend who can speak
japanese in the case of when you come to our clinic.

Technically-Skilled Doctors and a Clean Environment Tsuyoshi Aoki, Director of Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery’s Shinagawa Clinic

I never cut corners at every operation one by one.
Rejuvenation, breast enhancement, full-body liposuction, Petit cosmetic surgery, etc.


Do you know “psychosomatic medicine” ?

This is the method to cure trouble of mind.
I think cosmetic surgery resembles psychosomatic medicine.

I hope you become more beautiful and bright feeling mentally by the injection and the operation.



2002 Hirosaki University
Worked at Ohkubo Hospital
2003 Worked at Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital Critical Care Center
2004 Entered Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery
2006 Director of Takezaki Cosmetic Surgery (Shinjuku Clinic)
2010 Director of Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery’s Shinsaibashi Clinic
2013 Director of Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery’s Shinjuku i-land Tower Clinic
2014 Director of Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery’s Ikebukuro Clinic
Director of Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery’s Shinagawa Clinic
  Member of the Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Introduction to Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery's Shinagawa Clinic

Shinagawa Clinic	Direct Consultation Line

A clinic leading the industry with cutting-edge medicine

This clinic sits at the center of the national Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery network. It conveniently located a one-minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station’s Konan entrance. First among Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery’s clinics in cosmetic medicine, it leads the industry in Japan. Our doctors in aesthetic dermatology perform a wide variety of services. In addition, vocal procedures are only performed at our Shinagawa clinic.

  • PictureA beautiful building right by Shinagawa station’s Konan entrance
  • PictureThe clinic has a cheerful, calm atmosphere.
  • PictureOur reception is warm and the staff will greet you with a smile.
  • PictureA tranquil waiting room
  • PictureIf you have worries about your skin, please consult us.
  • PictureWe have all the latest equipment.
  • PictureWe have a makeup room available.
  • PictureFree one-time 10-minute medical esthetic treatments available!


Shintomi Bldg. 5F, 2-6-3 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm)  *Open on weekends and holidays


Nearest stations:
JR Shinagawa Station – 1-minute walk from the Konan entrance
Keikyu Shinagawa Station – 3-minute walk from Takanawa entrance


Directions from JR Shinagawa Station:
Exit JR Shinagawa Station via the Konan entrance, go down the escalator, walk along the square’s main road and turn right at the second corner.
General reception is on the 5th floor of the Shintomi Building on that corner.

Even fees for anesthesia are clearly stated.
No matter what your worries, our skilled doctors will provide you with courteous answers. Feel free to contact us.

Service You Can Trust: Shinagawa Cosmetic Surgery

Technically-Skilled Doctors and a Clean Environment

Reasonable Prices

Free Consultation by E-Mail

Clinic Gallery

At the end of this enchantingly-lit hallway is reception
The waiting room feels like a fashionable café.
Reception has a calm and refined air.
Patient privacy is protected at reception.
Enjoy our tranquil makeup room.

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